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1 May 2014

Wheelbarrow Race Organiser UPDATE

Now you need to sit down before you read the rest of this message. The Carnival chairman (Bernie Bradshaw) is delighted to announce that Suzy Stephens has volunteered as the Wheelbarrow Race Organiser. This is fantastic news and at least 700 keen participants should be relieved and excited that their beloved Carnival race can go ahead.

Suzy is married to Adam and live in the High Street. They have three young daughters. Suzy has lived in the village for nearly four years and previously in Stowell for three. She works 3 days a week as a Publisher in the horse racing industry with “every other hour of my week consisting of children, horses and all the extra activities my family take on” (add the Wheelbarrow race to that long list!)

Suzy was asked: "If you’re so busy why take on this role?" - “I thought I would offer my services as Adam has been a member of the village for 30+ years and a regular participant. It would be very sad to loose such a fun village activity.” Thousands of people would agree with you Suzy!

If you’ve read on the Carnival Website about the changes we’re making to how Carnival is organised behind the scenes you’ll remember that the whole idea is to get more people doing smaller ‘jobs’, so for those of you who were willing to help with Wheelbarrow Race, but couldn’t step up for the Organiser’s role, please contact offering help and I’ll make sure Suzy and Sarah (Operations Director) get you kind offer. Volunteering can be fun!!

5 March 2014

Pewsey churches ask, ’How can we serve you?’

A new survey has been launched in Pewsey to understand better how the church can meet the needs of the local community. A questionnaire is being delivered by volunteers to homes in Pewsey and an online survey has been set up. It asks which churches people visit, why and how often. People can say what they think about the role of the church, the importance of the work that the church carries out in the community as well as what kinds of church service they prefer and when they should be held.

Team Vicar of St John’s Church, Jennifer Totney, said, “It is important that the church responds to the needs of the local community. We are asking people what the church can do for them. We list some of the many things that church members are already involved in and ask people to say how important they think these are. At the same time we want to know whether there are other things the church could offer.

“We want to know what people think about church services and what would encourage people to attend more. If we don’t ask people what they would like, we will never know how best to serve them.”

The survey is going out at the same time as the annual Lent Gift Day when St John’s asks the community to contribute to the costs of keeping the church open and supporting its activities in the village. “The financial burden on regular members of the congregation is considerable, particularly in maintaining a Grade I listed building,” said St John’s Church Treasurer, Gary Mantle, “but this survey isn’t about money. It’s about finding out how the church can serve the community.”

At the end of the survey people are asked about their belief in God, how often they pray and, intriguingly, ‘If you met God, what question would you ask?’.

The online survey can be found at and completed questionnaires can be left at St John’s Church and local shops 'China Rose' and 'Around The World' until Sunday 6th April.

10 February 2014


Popular Event Under Threat

Last year a number of very hard working individuals stepped down from organizing the larger events after years of service. As a matter of urgency we are in desperate need of two key individuals:

Organizer of the Wheelbarrow Race
Operations Director (who essentially organizes the race route)

There are some 800-900 people who take part in the Wheelbarrow race each year and between us we need to find two volunteers to take up these positions. There are volunteers who help out with the race but there needs to be an overall Organizer to make sure everything is coordinated. If you would like to know more please email the

NOTE: Most of the work takes place between April & August. As long as the organisers have people in place to do the jobs on the day there is no reason that they cannot take part in the event itself.

17 October 2012


The government has invited bids to run the next Great Western Region franchise. The current terms of the franchise invitation to tender (ITT) do not require that the winning bidder provide the current level of service between Pewsey and London Paddington. This means, at best, an uncertain future for 'through' trains from Pewsey to Paddington. Rail services provide a vital lifeline for Pewsey and its surrounding communities and any 'downgrading' of services would almost certainly have a profound negative effect on the local economy and community far beyond the obvious inconvenience to commuters. Even if you don't use the train this could have an effect on you, the value of your home and the vibrancy of your community.

We must act now to ensure we are part of the process.

Please visit the Pewsey Train Watch website to find out how you can make your voice heard and what we can do to protect Pewsey's vital train services.


Please tell as many people as you can about this. Pewsey Station serves a very wide catchment area and these communities need to be aware of the threat to their train services.

23 September 2012


Those of you who have been here before will notice that the website has undergone some changes.


The site has undergone a general 'tidy-up' to get rid of outdated links, improve organisation of the content, and make it faster to load.

Spot An Error?

As with any big change - errors can be made! If you spot any errors - things that don't work correctly, pages that are appearing with a funny layout, or incorrect directory listings, please let us know!

Something Missing?

Finally, some content from the site has been completely removed. If something has been removed in error - please let us know.


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Banner showing photograhic images from Pewsey and surrounding area (past & present) including Pewsey events such as Pewsey Carnival
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